Behind the Blog

A blog about reaching for the top personally and professionally while creating a work-life balance to achieve the ultimate goals, happiness and fulfillment.  Strategies to apply at work, tips for health and wellness, and tried and true advice.  This blog hopes to share and collaborate on the everyday challenges that women in business face.

Kristine Avatar Harley

Kristine Leadbetter & Harley Bean


Penned by Kristine Leadbetter, a twenty something single women who strives for answers, ideas, inspiration, and a modern definition for purpose and success. Kristine works for the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University.  She is a proud mom to her dog Harley and enjoys reading, baking, biking, and pilates.  Join her as she explores her place in the world of health kicks, social media, and nine-to-five femme.

// Disclosure.  This blog is solely the works and opinions of Kristine Leadbetter and all opinions are my own.  It bears no connection with the DeGroote School of Businesses or McMaster University.


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