Design the life you want

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Similar to the themes of finding yourself personally and professionally, choosing a job that’s right for you, and finding your strengths; Sometimes we also need to take a step back and look at the big picture. We get so caught up in the day to day and year to year tasks that we may lose sight of the greater vision of our life. What do we want our whole life to look like? What do we want our careers and family life to look like? What things do we want to achieve and experience? What items are on our bucket list and do we need to make active choices to cross them off? What is your fear holding you back from doing? I recently took part in a twitter chat “#leadfromwithin” with Lolly Daskal @LollyDaskal. The questions brought forward really made you prod your mind and heart to bring to life your true goals, and ultimately think about how to design the life you really want.

Q1 What is the greatest vision you have for your life?

Q2 What are your five top values?

Q3 if you were to write a headline about your life what would it be?

Q4 What would you be doing in your life if you knew you absolutely could not fail?

Q5 what if the most important moment in your life is this one? How will you choose to spend the next one?

Q6 finish this sentence: i feel strong about passing on this lesson____________________

Q7 when was a time when you put your own interest ahead of others? Was it worth it?

Q9 if you had ten times your wealth and ten times your income what would you do?

Q10 what are the most important words you want to communicate.

One answer of mine that I’d like to share is for question six, one lesson to pass on, one that we all know is don’t sweat the small stuff. Things have a way of working themselves out and sleepless nights and frustration solves nothing. To quote a lyric from Bob Marley’s song, Three Little Birdsevery little thing is going to be alright”. I think this is something that I have had difficulty with, especially when balancing so many demanding things. I’m learning to just breath and things really do come together as they should.

What are your thoughts on these questions? Anything you would like to share? I look forward to reading your comments!


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