Instead of Asking “What’s the Meaning of Life?” ask, “How Do I Achieve Balance?”


Why the focus on “balance” all of a sudden? Hasn’t it always been there? Why now is there a higher degree of attention paid to this term and it’s meaning? Let’s examine.

It has always been important to work hard at your job, which usually entailed staying late, travelling, and mixing business with personal with the occasional dinner or golf tournament.

So what’s changed? Why now is there a challenge of balance?

The term “balance“, or full term, “work-life balance” has been coined in response to the ever increasing demands of jobs and life synchronized with technologies and social media’s hold on us. The inability to “shut off”.  Initially coined “crackberry”, where we are unable to disengage from our cell phones and the distractions and information it holds. This has now become a standard part of everyone’s lives, now coined F.O.M.O., “Fear of missing out”.

We are all so terrified of missing out that it keeps our attention and keeps us constantly checking in.  Be it at work, on e-mail, social media platforms, and through text messaging, being in the loop is a whole new popularity contest. It’s also one that nobody can actually win by the way… It’s impossible to know everything, but the endless search and consumption of information is haunting us. To stay in the know, to be a leader in our fields, and to not miss out on a social engagement.

My Mexican

No longer do we care about just the big paycheck, compensation comes in many additional forms. We also want recognition, vacation time, perks, training funds, health benefits, and more. It’s the new generation of workers and therefore “balance” has become the new focus.

But how do we all obtain this? How do we obtain work-life balance in such demanding distracting environments. I feel this is the great question of our time. Instead of pondering what is the meaning of life, it’s now how to balance such an exciting life with so many options, distractions, and challenges.

There is no one sure answer, no check list, no top ten solutions. It’s a personalized world which constitutes a personalized program to get your work-life balance on track. It’s up to you to decide which bits of advice will work for you to help you obtain your goals.

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2 thoughts on “Instead of Asking “What’s the Meaning of Life?” ask, “How Do I Achieve Balance?”

  1. Wow, this post certainly is a reflection of my life. I hate to miss out on anything. I believe the key in balancing while not missing out is how well you can focus and juggle all the things you have on the go. I like your comment “it’s a personalized world” — you’re absolutely correct! Excellent post!

    1. As you stated we all have too many balls to juggle and its important we start choosing which ones need to drop at what times. I think lack of control and focus that we seem to suffer from due to the overwhelming amount of information and wanting to be everything, hinders our ability to be balanced. I do think it’s a daily and hourly struggle to stay on top of. Thanks Marilyn for your comment and feedback, always appreciated!

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