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The Concept of Slowing Down

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Beginning the Day in a Frenzy

We all have mornings when we are rushing out the door with our adrenalin already pumping.  Where we scarf down our food or reach for that protein bar as we feel we have no time to eat breakfast.  Frantically we are reviewing our calendar and putting together our items for the day.  We rush out the door and put our 10 different items in the car.  We begin driving through traffic in an absolute panic about the Christmas list of activities and “stressors” that await us in the day a head.

Slow Down

This morning was one of those mornings for me.  I was so mentally busy it wasn’t until the end of my commute that I thought to turn on the radio.  When I flipped it on, (as sort of a last ditch effort to calm myself) I got more than I bargained for.  The song “You’re going to miss this” by Trace Adkins came on.  The words spoke to me as he talked about a young lady rushing through life and always looking to get to the next stage.  She wasn’t stopping to think about and appreciate the current stage she was in.

The Weekly To Do List – just boxes to be ticked?

This hit me instantly as I thought about my week so far, meetings, seminars, courses, family responsibilities, friend commitments, Yoga (which I left halfway through class as I felt I didn’t have time to be there), downtime. The on going to do list.  I had rushed my week as I have done for so many other weeks.  I have been simply racing to check off the “to do” items.  I wasn’t being 100% there during the activities as I was already thinking about the next.

The concept of slowing down.  Embrace the “Stressors”.

You're going to miss this

We all know this philosophy, we’ve heard it before, but for me this morning, it was time to hear it again.  I’m going to miss this.  I’m going to miss right now being so busy and having a full life.  Instead of thinking of my week itinerary as a “checklist” and “stressors”, I need to focus on the positive side and embrace the “stressors” as a part of life.

I have a great job where I’m constantly learning and challenging myself in.  I’ve started healthy activities, Yoga and Pilates, that I’m really enjoying.  I’m attending industry seminars and events where I’m gaining valuable information and connections. These are things to embrace and motivate us.

A Change of Perspective.

Sometimes a change of perspective is what we need to get us to slow down and appreciate how good we have it in the moment.  It’s Thursday today, I have two full days left in the work week.  You bet I’ve changed my perspective and I’m going to make the most of these next two days.  I hope you can to.


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