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The rejuvenation of creativeness

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There’s something so exciting about the anticipation of going on a trip. The days leading up seem shorter, those you cross paths with seem more cheerful, and your work – so much more enjoyable. A pending vacation can bring out the best in people!

Creative JuiceThere are lots of benefits to be had from taking a vacation. Namely, the rejuvenation of creativeness.

As I make my way to the Buffalo airport, I am excited about the prospect of heading to a new destination. Full of fear of the unknown of course, but full anticipation for my soon to be replenished cup of creative juice.

As an event planner and friend maker by trade, this is one cup {creative juice} that needs constant refilling.

Personally I find the best way to get creatively refreshed is to go somewhere new and be exposed to something out of my normal. Be it, a far away destination or a local one, a new culture or a new scene. Sometimes all I need is to walk a different direction to be inspired.  Recently I attended a seminar from the DeGroote Executive Education women’s breakfast seminar series where the keynote speaker, Carey-Ann Oestricher suggested to spice up the creativity in your team meetings at work by trying walking meetings!  A great tip to be sure, and one I hope to try soon!

What do you do to be inspired? What can you commit to doing differently today to stimulate your own creativity?


// While I have promoted the DeGroote Executive Education women’s breakfast seminar series event from the perspective of a participant, I’d like to disclose that I do work for the DeGroote School of Business.  This post and blog is written from a personal point of view and all opinions are my own.  It bears no connection with the DeGroote School of Businesses or McMaster University.

6 thoughts on “The rejuvenation of creativeness

  1. A pending vacation is, absolutely, a jolt of motivational energy with the (sun)light at the end of the tunnel getting ever-brighter! As much as I enjoy a regiment of routine and organization, switching up the daily/weekly set with new experiences, travel, and people helps make life great!

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